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Environmental Benefits

Lone Star Bedding is manufactured from 100% pure pine wood fiber.  There are absolutely no chemicals or binding agents added during the manufacturing process.  Wood fiber has a natural binding agent, which allows Lone Star Bedding to be extruded in pellet form and is totally environmentally friendly.

Ease of Maintenance

Lone Star Bedding is a product that remains in the stall.  When cleaning the stall, pick the manure out with a stall fork. Mix urine spots back into dry material to allow for absorption and reuse.  Wet spots should be removed as absorption maximun is reached.



Lone Star Bedding absorbs liquids expelled in animal stalls at a rapid rate.  The key to a fresh stall and barn is the containment of liquids before they are allowed to penetrate the floor of the stall.  Not only will Lone Star Bedding contain the liquids, but it will also absorb the ammonia and keep the barn smelling pine fresh.  When using Lone Star Bedding, there is no need to apply lime or any other drying agent to the floor of the animal stalls.  Lone Star Bedding will help control flies and insects because of the absorption of ammonia.  Lone Star Bedding has the ability to dry itself, absorb ammonia and reuse itself over and over.


Ease of Animal Grooming

Lone Star Bedding users are excited about the time reduction in grooming their animals. Lone Star Bedding will not cling to the body, mane or tail, as traditional bedding products do.  Grooming can be accomplished by brushing or air blowing the animal’s coat.


Time Saving

Lone Star Bedding saves time in many areas of use, such as maintaining stalls, disposal of waste, and grooming of animals. Time saved in using Lone Star Bedding can be converted into more productive time for the user.


Ease of Handling and Transporting

Lone Star Bedding is loosely packaged in 35 pound bags.  Because of the compact packaging, the bags are easily transported to shows and events using minimal transportation space.


Summary of Benefits

Extremely economic alternative to traditional bedding products
• 100% environmentally friendly
• Exceptional stall life
• Easily maintained
• Absorbs liquids and ammonia, which assists in fly and insect control
• Leaves barns smelling pine fresh
• Saves time and money in maintaining stalls, disposal of waste and grooming of animals
• Ease of handling and transportation


Suggested Uses of Lone Star Bedding

  • Horse stall bedding
  • Show livestock bedding (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, etc.)
  • Small animal bedding (rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc.)
  • Cat litter
  • Dog kennels
  • Bird cage lining
  • Poultry bedding
  • Moisture and odor control additive for current bedding
  • Product not intended for use with infant animals.